By Dan McClintock, creator

October 6, 2014 9:48am

Good morning, folks! This is where from time to time you’ll see the latest updates, news, and developments on the Crab Theory TV project. My partner and I have this goal of making this a professional website, with a blog on the side. You may see this change and evolve as time progresses and our company grows.

As a cartoonist and a writer my dream in my life is to produce an animated TV cartoon series about Deaf Culture, American Sign Language, and the Deaf community. I have a screenplay already developed, with a spec treatment, storyboard, and other material. My aim is to present American folk humor from a deaf perspective. Crab Theory is one unique show you’ll ever see that will be featured here first on this website.

We welcome feedback from you viewers every time my clips are presented here. Your support of this show is deeply appreciated. Opportunities are open here if artists, voice-overs, and/or other professionals are interested to get involved in this project.



Working on cartoons this morning, will upload to front page soon.



What do you think of Family Guy’s The Hopeful Squirrel story? Feel free to drop your comment here!


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